Welfare Benefits

Few companies with less than fifty employees have a human resource staff. Yet many of these same companies must devote significant resources—and valuable time—to resolving "people issues."

That’s why many clients call on BenefitWorks for comprehensive consulting and administrative services for health, dental, vision, disability and survivor benefits plans. Our plan recommendations consider each employer’s goals, along with their fiscal and human resources. In short, we act as your plan steward, managing and safeguarding your resources and your employees as you would yourself.

Our services include:

  • Plan design in compliance with Federal IRS and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations
  • Design, documentation and implementation of Section 125 cafeteria benefit plans
  • IRS Sec. 509(c) trusts for self insured benefits
  • Comprehensive employee communications
  • Evaluating participant/employer cost sharing considerations
  • Competitive pricing from available carriers

For health care plans, we:

  • Evaluate available claim experience
  • Evaluate plan design considerations including cost containment through Health Savings Accounts
  • Provide claims assistance

For dental, vision, disability and survivor's benefits:

  • Help design the plan, considering industry standards, compensation levels, and demographics
  • Evaluate contractual provisions of insured plans
  • Assess insuring vs. self-insuring
  • Assess feasibility of payroll deduction supplemental benefits